Saturday, December 22, 2007

#2 General Electric Ecomagination

At the heart of GE’s ecomagination is the belief that an environmentally driven business strategy can benefit society as well as the bottom line. So at its inception, GE set very real, concrete targets in order to make ecomagination viable from a business standpoint. Visit GE’s ecomagination to experience the spirit of our commitment, and to learn about GE's portfolio of eco-certified products and more.


Ecomagination is much more than GE's vision for the future. It is made up of very real goals that GE strives to reach through continuous investment in the following four commitments.

Commitment #1: Double Our Investment in R&D

GE is investing in tomorrow's energy technologies, enabling them to explore continuous improvement of existing products while they search for the next big breakthrough. Their Global Research Centers are developing a broad technology portfolio to help customers and society meet a range of energy and environmental challenges.

One example can be found in the area of water use and purification, where GE scientists are investigating new membrane materials and innovative advanced separation technologies. These allow for further treatment and better performance of on-site wastewater reuse and recycling for the industrial, agriculture and municipal sectors.

Commitment #2: Increase Revenues from Ecomagination Products

GE's ecomagination initiative is founded on a solid business strategy: to increase revenues for GE by providing solutions for customers that help improve their operating performance and environmental impact.

To ensure ecomagination products are met with the highest degree of integrity, every prospective product is evaluated against an eco-performance metric called the Ecomagination Product Review scorecard. This metric assures that the products can significantly improve the environmental performance, operating performance or value proposition of our customers.

Commitment #3: Reduce Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

GE has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of its operations in three ways. We will reduce absolute emissions 1% by 2012, we will reduce the intensity of these emissions 30% by 2008, and we will improve energy efficiency 30% by the end of 2012 (all versus 2004 levels).

In ways big and small, GE has already identified many opportunities to help meet its energy targets. Some of these include adding solar panels to more than 20 GE facilities, including GE headquarters, and the launch of a company-wide eCO2 Site Certification program to promote and reward imaginative solutions for greenhouse gas reductions.

Commitment #4: Keep the Public Informed

As part of our overall efforts to improve transparency, GE uses several vehicles to engage the public on our ecomagination progress. We publish an annual ecomagination report, dedicated to tracking social and environmental goals, and also produce the ecomagination web site, which provides a forum for the latest information on ecomagination news, advertising and products.

The Ecomagination Advisory Council is another way GE engages the public. Comprised of a board of six to eight industry thought leaders with expertise in energy and the environment, the council focuses on providing guidance and new ideas on GE technology research and investments.

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