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Winery Meets Sustainability...How Eco-Chic

Progressive Wine Company Leads the Industry with Eco-Chic Wines

ST HELENA, CA, December 7, 2007 --/WORLD-WIRE/--
Five years ago Three Thieves became known as the innovative trailblazers in the wine industry by being the first to introduce eco-friendly Tetra Pak aseptic packaging for its high-quality, smartly priced California wines. Breaking ground again, in both wine and environmentally conscious circles, the Three Thieves are the first U.S. wine company to introduce the eco-friendly 1 Liter Tetra Prisma™, comprised of 70% paper, a renewable resource, for its Bandit line. “The Three Thieves are all winemakers, so our focus on what’s in the box is just as intense as the box itself,” says Chief Thief Charles Bieler.

Aseptic packaging is far more efficient and lightweight to transport than bottles, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving fuel. In fact, it would take 26 trucks filled with empty wine bottles to equal just 1 truck filled with empty Tetra Pak cartons. “We’re happy to do our part to fight America’s oil consumption,” Bieler explains.

Less waste and saving energy are other benefits: Tetra Paks reduce the packaging waste associated with bottled wine by 90% and can be distributed, warehoused and displayed in stores with or without refrigeration, while maintaining full flavor. Shelf stability is crucial because the Thieves rely on their insider grower contacts to source from California’s elite cool-climate vineyards. As a result Bandit wines are consistently praised by wine critics nationwide.

The Three Thieves refuse to waver from their dedication to providing consumers with quality wine at a great value, selling these wines nationally for $8.99/liter. Bieler adds, “The savings that we pass along to the consumer are significant, considering that there are no corks, labels, or foils used, and the cartons are a fraction of the weight and cost of glass.”

The new packaging brings more varietals to the table—Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio—and offers greater portability, durability and the ability to preserve the wine for future use. Some days less is more: With Mini Bandits, the Thieves’ single-serve 250 ml Tetra Prisma juice boxes, a glass of wine on the go is easy and enjoyable.

Three Thieves, developed by Charles Bieler, Joel Gott and Roger Scommegna, is the leading brand of Rebel Wine Company, a joint venture with Trinchero Family Estates. Known as much for their innovative packaging as for what is in it, the Thieves have distinguished themselves through their originality and vision.

Tetra Pak is the world leader in food processing and packaging systems. Best known for its aseptic technology innovations, Tetra Pak works for and with its customers to provide preferred processing and packaging solutions for food and is committed to making food safe and available, everywhere.

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